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Welcome to Hogwarts. Students and Adults are being accepted now. We're happy to have you here.

Carson Rivers,

The beginning of the end. Life goes on as a war arises. Which side will you choose?
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 Introduction 101

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Ryker Quillen
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PostSubject: Introduction 101   Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:34 pm


And first off I would like to thank you for taking interest in the site and joining. If you are reading this then you would probably like to know what this guide is all about. Well this guide will tell you all of the main points you will have to answer when making your character.

1. Celebrity. Or more known as your character's face and identity.

Trying to decide on a celebrity sounds like an easy task but my dear friend it can be frivolous. Before you can come to a decision you will have to check our claims and see if the celebrity you had in mind is available for use.

2. Profile & Creation

After you have beat your head into the computer trying to come up with your celebrity it gets worse (not really but still). Now you have come to the main show. Following our Profile Template you will put your mind to the test. You will have to decide whether or not you want to be an Adult carrying out a job in the wizarding world or a Student, a young mind trying to master magic at Hogwarts.

Now would also be the time to make a few more decisions such as if you want your character to be an Animagus or if you want he or she to know Non - Verbal Magic. All of this can be found in the Claims section.

- On a side note, please if your going to make a student make them have the mind set of such. Fourteen year olds for an example don't sneak out and get trashed in an empty classroom. Nor do they perfectly cast every spell in the book. Not that I am telling you how to write your character's story just a word of advise.

3. Acceptance & Making a Topic

Once you have finally filled out your profile and it gets looked over by our Admin team it will be posted on if it is ready to go and is accepted. If it is not due to some issues myself or Arik will post and send you a private message explaining what needs to be changed or modified so you can be accepted. Now when your through that stage then it is time to make your first topic. It can be anywhere you desire, but as stated before one has to be logical. Students out on break can't be using magic and going here and there.

And well that's it you have officially created your first character, so now go out and explore the magical wizarding world. And as always if you run into a problem you can always shoot me a private message as well as Arik.
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Introduction 101
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